Ansamblu de joaca Flora CN-112

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Garantie pana la 25 de ani
Materiale de calitate superioara
Proiectare 3D si Consultanta Gratuite
Peste 300 de parcuri de joaca executate
Certificare Tuv Iscir, ISO 9001

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Nume produs Ansamblu de joaca multifunctional cu leagan si structura de catarare
Cod produs CN-112
Activitati urcare, alunecare, socializare, catarare, leganare, jocuri interactive
Interval de varsta 3-12 ani
Numar de locuri 4+ locuri
Inaltimea maxima de cadere 1.347 mm
Structura de baza tevi de metal
Materiale principale utilizate HDPE, PVC Forex, HEXA
Dimensiunile echipamentului 3.601 x 6.309 mm
Suprafata de siguranta 7.869 x 8.181 mm
Suprafete permise nisip, pelete de lemn, suprafață de cauciuc care atenuează loviturile – 2mp


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION of equipment for children playground CN-112 Children play unit Flora serie 

ISO 9001 

Сертификат № 0008/24.03.2010г. ISO 14001  

Сертификат № 0145/15.09.2015г. BS OHSAS 18001 

Сертификат № 0146/15.09.2015г. 

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Dimensions of the equipment CN-112 

Safety area dimensions of the equipment 

CN-112 - 44,50 m2 page 2 of 4

 Age range: from 3 to 12 years 

 The equipment offers the following components for play: climbing / sliding/ communication / teamgames  

 Maximum fall height: 1 347 mm 

 Height of the platforms: 980 mm 

 Equipment dimensions: 3 601 х 6 309 mm 

 Warranty term: 60 months 

 Safety area dimensions: 7 869 х 8 181 mm 

 Admissible surfaces: sand, wood chips, rubber impact absorbing flooring  The equipment meets the requirements of: 

 - Regulation №1 from January 12, 2009 about the conditions and order for  organization and safety of playgrounds 

 - EN 1176-1 Playground equipment and surfacing Part 1: General safety  requirements and test methods 

 - EN 1176-3 Playground equipment and surfacing Part 3: Additional specific safety  requirements and test methods for slides 

 Compulsory parental control of children up to 3 years! 

 Usage of the equipment is prohibited in cases where the installation on  site is not completed, or during disassembly and repair works!    


 COZIROG - D play units and products are designed and tested so as to ensure  maximum fun and safety of children using them. In the design process of the  playgrounds, the team is aware that there are enormous requirements on him - from  budgetary constraints to individual opportunities and limitations that each site has;  from the initial concept to final performance - everything is taken into account.  EN 1176 certification 

 Safety of children using the play equipment is fundamental importance and  therefor all of our sites are strictly tested according to the highest European standards. So that yu can be sure that play unit is safe while children spend his best moments.  ISO 9001 

 Upholding typical quality COZIROG - D possess quality management system, which  ensures the use of only the high quality raw materials in the manufacture of play equipment and products which aims final product to meet the highest standards.  Painting 

 Equipment designed for outdoors installation and sports equipment are subject to  environmental influences for a long time. The way of painting so as to increase the life of the product and to avoid corrosion is a very important process. The metal equipment is initially cleaned in order to remove all the shortcomings of steel. Then it is primed, which serves to smooth the surface and is basis for the final painting.  Main stucture 

 For the structural elements used for our Flora series, metal tubes with diameter  Ø76 and thickness 2 mm are used. The platforms are clamped with pre-welded bolts to  the main ones columns.  page 3 of 4


 Platforms and domes 

 The platforms are made by high-quality waterproof plywood НЕХА, domes are made by PVC foam.  

 Ladders and climbing frames 

 Ladders and climbing frames are produced by using of metal profiles or tubes with the necessary size and strength. For making rope ladders steel - cored wire rope is used.  Slides 

 Slides are made of multilayer fiberglass. Fiberglass is resistant to UV rays with  adequate strength for exploitation of children in the specified age range. Slides are  smooth, easy to clean and have no sharp edges and bulges. Slides are tested and have  test protocol issued by licensed laboratory for compliance with the requirements of  BDS 71-3 (Safety of toys - migration of certain elements). 

 Stairs, fences, decorative items 

 These elements are made of: fences - PVC foam; decorative elements - PVC foam;  stairs - colored polyethylene, aluminum riffle; for climbing frames rocks, rubber pads  and handles of colored polyethylene. 

 MAINTENANCE AND CONTROL OF EQUIPMENT  a) Routine visual inspection 

Routine visual inspection is done by the owner of the site and gives the opportunity to find out the obvious hazards that may be result of vandalism, use or weather conditions. For sites where the facilities are subject of use with increased load or vandalism is  required daily control of this type. The visual inspection includes: the cleanliness of the facility, cleaning the terrain around the facility, surface finish, exposure of the foundation, sharp edges, missing parts, excessive wear and constructive integrity,  maintaining the level of the sand to mark sign. 

 b) Functional control 

Functional control is more detailed tests to check the functioning and stability of the  facility, in particular for any wearing out. It has to be performed every 1 to 3 months from the owner of the site or authorized person. 

Inspection scope includes: 

 - Chipping or other violations of surfaces; 

 - Corrosion of metal parts; 

 - Rough surfaces which could be a risk of injury as well as jutting out heads of bolts  or nuts; 

 - Whether all corners, edges and protruding parts are rounded; 

 - If all joints are aligned to the base; 

 - Lack of caps on the ends of open pipes; 

 - Detachable connections; 

 - Protruding parts above the ground foundations; 

 - Corrosion and rot the foundations of facilities; 

 c) Annual main control 

The annual basic controls is carried out to establish for the interval of 10 to 12 months, the overall level of safety of the facility, foundations and surfaces, such as the effects of weather, obviously rotting or corrosion and any changes in the level of safety of the  equipment as a result of repairs made or added or replaced component.


Subsemnatul. Dyian Donchev în calitate de Director 

Cozirog-D Ltd-Haskovo declar pe propria raspundere ca, urmatorul echipament: 

1. Model CN-112 - Ansamblu de joaca  

Respecta standardele și reglementările: 

EN 1176-1 P Echipamente de joaca și suprafete de siguranta 1. Cerințe generale și  metode de încercare echipamente 

EN 1176-3 Echipamente de joaca și suprafete de siguranta 3: Cerințe specifice suplimentare și metode de încercare pentru tobogane; 

EN 1176-11 Echipamente de joaca și suprafete de siguranta 11: Cerințe specifice suplimentare și metode de încercare pentru sfori. 

Regula 1 I12.01.2009

Declarația este emisă pe baza: 

Certificat M 0008 / 24.03.2010 Confirmarea că sistemul de management al calității  implementat este cu ISO de verificare a conformității 9001: 2008 cererile pentru  domeniul de aplicare sunt urmatoarele:  

"Sisteme de management și de instalare a echipamentelor de joaca, de gardina si pentru  parc - urban"

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